How do I get my tenant to move out?

Most tenants will offer no resistance if you want to end the tenancy at the end of the term, but some are more reluctant. Maybe they have children at the local school and will find it difficult to secure another property or they are have an elderly relative living close by. Of course there maybe other reasons such as they are not paying the rent and want to make the process difficult for you.

Your first step is to talk to your tenant, face to face. Explain your reasons for them wanting to move out and discuss a notice period with them.

You may want to offer them assistance to find another home, discuss their requirements and ask them if they have registered with the local agents, you may even want to help them do this to give you the best possible chance of gaining possession in your time frame.

Depending on the type of tenancy you have signed with them will determine the length of notice you need to give them. The standard assured shorthold agreement requires two months notice to be given. The way you serve you notice and the dates you give are very important, if you are unsure give us a call and we can help.

For example, if you have signed an agreement with quarterly rental payments, you may have to give your tenants three months’ notice.

The reason you would like them to leave is also important and will determine your course of action if they decide that after the notice period they are not going to leave. It is important to remember that if your tenant decides not to leave after their notice period you will need to go to court to get a possession order.  It is important at this stage that you have followed the correct procedures throughout the tenancy:

  • You have protected of any deposit taken in a government scheme
  • There is an Energy Performance Certificate for the property
  • You have issued the ‘How to Rent’ information in the correct form
  • Your notice was issued correctly

There are a number of different legal notices which can be served, the correct one for you will depend on the reasons you are asking your tenant to leave for example:

  1. You want to move back into the property as it was your main home before renting out the house
  2. The tenant is not paying you the rent
  3. The tenant is not looking after the property
  4. The tenant is behaving in an anti-social manner
  5. You want the property back so you can sell

You also need to make sure that you are serving the correct up to date forms as these are updated periodically.

Getting a tenant to leave your property is not as straightforward as it seems. Maintaining good relations with tenants is so important even during times of difficulty.

If you’re worried about whether your tenant will leave your property peacefully, in good order and with the rent fully paid, I can help. Just call me on 0161 8717071 and I’ll talk you through the best way to handle the situation. No strings; no charge, just a helpful chat to help you avoid any unnecessary expense and unpleasantness.

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Preparing to Sell Your Home

Preparing to sell your home



How is the current value of your home assessed? 

When you first decide to put your property on the market, the value of it needs to be assessed. This is important for potential buyers to have confidence in the asking price, and so that you understand how you will finance your move.

Using property websites will be useful to gauge an estimation of what your home could be worth, but you will need the experience of a professional agent like us to get a more accurate and realistic assessment of its real value. Here at On The Move we are happy to provide you with a free and no obligation property appraisal.

We will come to meet you at your property at a time that suits your needs. Appointments at your home will typically take an hour, which will include a full inspection of your house. During this time we will discuss your own needs, the current market situation, and similar properties within the area. This will help us to advise you on its potential value, anything you can do that will enhance its current value, and what we recommend as a marketing strategy that will help sell your home effectively1. Preparing to sell.

To book a free valuation with us, please call 0161 871 7071 or email

Why should you choose us?

On The Move Estate Agents is one of Hyde’s leading and most innovative Estate and Letting agents.

On The Move is an owner led company, headed up by Annabelle Jardine-Jones herself and supported by a superb team of experienced property professionals.

What makes us different is our passion and enthusiasm for selling and letting homes. The key to our success is our approachability and willingness to listen, understand and respond to our client’s needs.

We are known for our authority on the local market and straight talking good advice which clients appreciate. Experience has taught us a unique empathy with clients and we always apply discretion, humour and integrity as any situation dictates.

We are extremely flexible and always try to accommodate our client’s busy lifestyles and commitments and can do valuations or accompany viewings out of office hours seven days a week.

What you should do while your home is on the market?

During the time your home is on the market, it is advisable that you do the following so that we can ensure everything is done as quickly and smoothly as possible for your home sale:



  • Supply anything we require as quickly as possible
  • Answer all of our questions honestly and carefully to provide your buyers with the right information
  • Continue to keep the property fully insured.
  • If you receive any notices that affect the property from any authority, please inform us. You are required to disclose them to us even if contracts have been exchanged.
  • Continue to pay your mortgage in full and do not stop until after the sale has completed.

If you to know more or need some advice please give us a call or drop us a line 0161 871 7071

Smoke Alarms and CO to become mandatory

Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors to become mandatory in rental properties

Landlords will be obliged to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in all rental properties, both private and social. This move, announced Communities minister Penny Mordaunt, will be compulsory from October 2015, following years of campaigning, led by the Chief Fire Officers Association. It was announced at the Local Government Association annual fire conference yesterday.

The move is supported by the British Property Federation. Making the installation of carbon monoxide and smoke alarms compulsory does provide clarity to landlords on an area that until now has simply been ‘advised’. The English Housing Survey estimated in 2013 that 82% of private rented homes had smoke alarms fitted. The recommendation is that landlords and their agents should ensure that there are working detectors at the time the tenancy starts. It is also recommended that there should be an obligation on tenants, however, to maintain and test the alarms and to report any faults.

Top Tips For Selling Your Home Fast

Top Tips For Selling Your Home Fast

Selling your home can more difficult than you expected here are some top tips to help you speed up the process:

First Impressions – Kerb Appeal

Potential buyers form an impression within seconds of seeing your property. To make a good impression, it’s important to give your home kerb appeal so paint the front door, tidy the garden and get out the hanging baskets or winter tub.


Buyers need to picture themselves living in your property and it can be hard to see through other peoples belongings, lots of family photos so de-clutter and try to make the place as neutral as possible. Think about boxing up personal items such as antiques and sentimental items.


Make sure you make arrangements for your pets to be taken out of the house for any viewings.

Listen to your agent

It’s an estate agent’s job to give honest and impartial advice so take this on board when preparing your home for sale and chances are you’ll find a buyer in no time.


Ask a realistic price which will attract interest.

Keep the place looking its best

This can be difficult but very important that the house looks its best when trying to sell.

Instruct a good solicitor

Engage with a good solicitor, even prior to agreeing a sale.

Make sure all the relevant paperwork is located and to hand.

Planning permissions, building regulations, insurance etc.

Utilise all tools at your agents disposal

Professional photography, audio tours, enhanced internet marketing to stand out from the crowd online and to increase your click through rate.

Keep an eye on the competition by signing up to instant alerts to be the first in the queue when a property hits the major portals.

Home staging

Stage your house for the viewing day by de–cluttering, opening curtains and switching on lights moving cars off the drive, mowing lawns and tending to the frontage as first impressions count.

Be accommodating at viewings

Be as accommodating as possible with viewings particularly on the open house by going out and leaving your agent to it.